Fendahl’s CTRM/CM solution, Fusion, Ready to Compete

Being an analyst in the Commodity technologies space, you get to see a lot of software demonstrations and there are very few CTRM/CM solutions remaining that I haven’t had a look at. However, until last week, one of those that remained broadly unseen by me was Fusion from Fendahl Technology. Fendahl is a vendor that has grown its presence in the CTRM space over the last several years and it is a relatively new solution, so it is based on a modern technology stack (Microsoft technology stack essentially) and it is able to be deployed as a SaaS or traditional install on premises. Fendahl now has over 130 staff and offices in the Americas, Asia, and EMEA, serving over 40 customers across multiple commodity segments, according to its website. “Our objective has been to build a best in class CTRM solution,” I was told by Fendahl’s Gareth Davies (Director – Product Management) as we got started. “It’s really an ecosystem in which some modules can be deployed and used stand-alone and others must be used as part and parcel of a comprehensive CTRM solution.” I was then introduced to some concepts that have been encapsulated in the solution like ‘controllers’, which… continue reading

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