FIS – Re-Organised for Energy Success

I recently spoke with Irina Reitgruber and Alberto Coltro of FIS to find out a bit about their plans for 2022 and how things were going. Apparently, there has been quite of lot of reorganization and refocus over at FIS and Alberto was appointed head of European sales for energy as a part of that reorganization. He is based in Europe, and he told me that going forward, FIS wants to have more impact on the European ETRM markets to build on the good presence and success it has experienced in the US. The organization now comprises of a single team for all energy software products, he told me. That includes a local European team. “We took people from different parts of the organization and focused them on energy including people from our data side and so on,” he said. Right now, Alberto sees good opportunity for FIS to get engaged with customers and prospects. “With the price volatilities we see in the market, we believe that better portfolio management is one thing that people are keen to procure,” he told me. “We are seeing a lot of activity in that regard from energy firms who are often new entrants… continue reading

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