Gen10 and CommOS Innovate for Efficiency and Collaboration

Over the last couple of years, Gen10 has been focused on building out an ecosystem for collaborative commodity management via its CommOS platform. An approach CEO Richard Williamson calls “transforming business processes – one app at a time.” Based on discussion with Williamson and his Gen10 colleagues, we recently learned a lot about the design fundamentals behind the applications of interest. At the heart of the ecosystem applications is a workflow engine that allows users to set up rules, actions and permissions in order to automate and increase efficiencies while reducing operational risk. This is key to the collaborative approach that Williamson touts – collaboration across companies and with partners like insurers, banks and trade partners. Yet the design approach goes further than that. Applications like the contract management app have also been designed to help reduce administrative overheads, errors, omissions and to make the process more efficient. Contract templates, clause libraries, workflows for approvals, additional data, and so on all aim to help streamline the process of adding, managing and monitoring contracts. Performance and status can also be easily tracked and that includes ensuring the correct documents are attached as well, Richard explained to us. The aim is to… continue reading
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