Gen10 and it’s CommOS – Demo Report

It had been a while since we had had a demo of Gen10’s CommOS software but recently, we were afforded an opportunity to change that. Richard Williamson, CEO of Gen10, has a vision in which people employed in the commodities world have seamless and up to the minute access to all the information that they need presented in a manner that optimizes their time, to get their job done. “We enable our customers to buy, sell, store, ship, trace, finance, insure and hedge commodities more effectively, at much lower cost and help drive value from their massive data flows,” he said. His vision has been delivered in the form of an application ecosystem delivered in the cloud that it calls CommOS.  He told us that “what makes Gen10 different is our focus on making the day-to-day tasks of commodity trading faster and simpler through automation and collaboration.” One thing that as an analyst I can say about Gen10 is that it has an uncanny ability to innovate almost continuously. This is all the more suprising because Gen10 doesn’t have an army of programmers in India or eastern Europe but rather has a small team of experts based largely in the… continue reading