Gen10 – Innovating to Success?

The beauty of being an analyst is that you get to watch the industry unfold and develop. Along the way, you collect others’ views and opinions that help inform your own. Watching the CTRM software space this last twenty odd years it becomes apparent that real success is often more a matter of luck than anything else – being in the right place, at the right time with the right thing. The rest of being successful is, of course, sheer hard work. For the last decade, I have watched as many vendors continued to evolve in reaction to market developments, yet as I spoke to Richard Williamson, founder of Gen10 this week, I must admit to being occasionally surprised by all they have accomplished since their inception a decade ago. He mentioned during our conversation that Gen10 had been working to introduce some SI’s and consultants to its offerings, and their reaction at seeing the product was “How come you have all of this?” Gen10 has a long history of innovation that is, speaking as an analyst, quite impressive given its resources and leads me to often share the reaction of those SI’s and consultants. Not only was Gen10 one… continue reading

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