Gen10 Sees Traceability as a Key Differentiator.

Traceability has always been a key need for those involved in trading, moving, and managing commodities of various types. However, given the increased awareness of environmental and social issues, its importance has increased and continues to increase through time. It is, or will be, a requirement to understand the carbon footprint of a transaction, to demonstrate that child labor was not involved in the production or movement of the goods, and so on. Traceability is therefore of growing interest to buyers of CTRM and related solutions who need to manage this additional requirement expertly and efficiently. Gen10 is one provider of CTRM and Commodity Management software that sees traceability as a key requirement for its systems and I recently spoke with them about that. For Gen10, traceability is essentially a data management issue. “Traceability is the ability to track products from their origin to the end consumer,” they say. “For organisations in commodity supply chains, it means they must collate data from multiple suppliers and present it in a way that tells the story from its origins, through the supply chain, to their operations, and often then on to their buyer.” They recognize also that much of the data needed… continue reading

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