Generation 10 Sponsor 2016 CTRM Conference

Generation 10 has announced it will sponsor the 2016 CTRM Conference for a third straight year. We thank them for their support. The agenda for the Conference is now largely set and many have already registered for this one of a kind event. If you are seeking CTRM software in the near future, this is a must not miss event. About Generation 10 – Companies that partner with Generation 10 benefit from the industry’s most complete commodity management solution. We’ve spent 15 years building a combination of technologies, professional services and commodity industry expertise that ensures our customers are positioned for success today and for continued growth into the future. G10 Commodity Manager is a multi-commodity, multi-origin, multi-currency solution for trading, logistics and risk management. The system was built with flexibility at the core of its architecture, vital to handling the nuances of different commodities, origins and business processes. There is no standard operating procedure that applies across the board, and this is where many implementations fall down. The same principles have been applied to the user interface, allowing individuals to set up their personal preferences so screens and reports are displayed just as they need them. Suitable for any
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