Generation10’s Vision Takes Root

G10 has a surprising array of tools, applications, and services available to the commodities business and the company’s growth, at a time when others are retracting, is evidence that these are now finding market acceptance. CEO, Richard Williamson’s objectives for his company seem to us to be spot on with what the market is looking for and examples that we were shown demonstrate real world capabilities and use. To prove a point, I was given demonstrations of several such services. One solution I was shown was Gen10’s widely applicable In.specT platform that is being used by Intertek to map sustainability initiatives among smallholder cocoa growers in West Africa. Essentially, a dashboard with customizable widgets and drill-down views into the data, this service allows inspectors on the ground to conduct interviews and score the producers on the ground using handheld devices. They can record their producers, take photographs and video, and upload all of these records as soon as they have a WiFi connection. This allows Intertek to actively manage sustainability and prove that inspectors visited, undertook the work and more. The service includes its own survey tool, scoring and so on and surveys can be modified centrally with immediate effect
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