Green Focus on Supply Chains and More

The recent announcement by Brady of a partnership with Carbonchain was a timely reminder that supply chains are a major focus for the push on the environment. In fact, the last CTRMRadio podcast that we did was focused on an innovative initiative between Carbonchain, Polestar, and Vasanda that takes care of many aspects of ESG within commodity supply chains from keeping an eye on the producer’s activities (deforestation and so on), through tracking carbon footprints along transaction supply chains, to ensuring that vessels are not sanctioned and pass muster. We expect to see a lot more of this type of partnering going on in the coming months as vendors start to address a whole range of prospective ESG issues from the impact on risk and counterparty acceptance, to trade finance and brand image. To ComTech it is simply another aspect of the drive to better manage the physical side of commodities. In fact, we also did a podcast recently on how the energy side of that initiative might change in the coming months and years as generation assets get smaller and more distributed and as distribution and wholesale start to really morph. A different set of issues at play there… continue reading

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