HAKOM Time Series pivoting its business focus towards new decarbonized energy world.

In our rapidly transitioning world towards a decarbonized energy landscape, numerous well-established software vendors are reevaluating their strategies to align with the evolving needs of market participants. Trends like smart metering, the rise of prosumers, the emergence of real-time intraday power markets are leading to an era of big data, which companies must adeptly manage. HAKOM is well-positioned in this evolving business environment, thanks to its time series management software designed to handle substantial data volumes. However, the company has also identified further opportunities within this quickly developing market. Many startups, as well as established software vendors, are actively developing AI tools, predictive analytics, and other software solutions built upon the wealth of data generated by modern smart metering systems. They all are united by common desire for a comprehensive platform that can efficiently import, validate, aggregate the data, and allow easy API access and real-time processing of this data. Such a cloud-based platform would be highly appreciated by both software vendors developing AI tools and energy companies aiming to create their analytical applications using their data. This is precisely where HAKOM enters the picture. The CEO of HAKOM, Stefan Komornyik, said that their new software tool, PowerTSM®, is designed… continue reading

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