How smartEn is supporting Energy Transition Technologies.

smartEn – Smart Energy Europe – serves as the premier European Business Association driving the integration of consumer-driven solutions within the clean energy transition. The organization provides valuable support to its more than 90 member companies offering a diverse array of smart technologies and data-driven energy services. smartEn offers market intelligence through publishing reports on European markets, is involved EU funded projects, advocate with EU decision-makers, provides networking opportunities through events and conferences, as well as speaking engagements at industry webinars and other forums. From start-ups to utilities and large corporations active in industry, buildings or e-mobility, companies demonstrating innovative business models stand to benefit from a smartEn membership. This membership provides companies networking avenues, lobbying efforts with regulatory bodies, insights into market dynamics, and the chance to influence the EU legislation. At the heart of smartEn’s mission lies a focus on demand-side flexibility (DSF), crucial for development of the energy systems. Given the current landscape of power storage research and the increasing prevalence of solar and wind energy generation, coupled with the high energy pries experienced by consumers, DSF emerges as an indispensable component in this changing energy landscape. Yet, numerous challenges persist in untapping the full potential of… continue reading

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