Igloo Seeing Short-Term Power Solution Demand

Last week, I had an update from Igloo Trading Solutions (Igloo), the UK-based ETRM software vendor. Igloo’s Dale Emmerson told me that it is also experiencing high demand. “We have closed two new clients in the last two weeks. One was a UK supplier and the other a European power trader,” he told me. Dale sees a lot of demand particularly for its short-term power offering. “We have an execution platform,” he said. “We can execute on intra-day continuous markets and tag assets on the order. People find this very useful!” A number of existing clients have also taken the auto trader module as well. Dale points to the transition to more flexible generation in European markets as driving some of the demand and he sees a lot of interest and discussion particularly around battery assets and their optimization. Dale also sees Igloo’s relationship with Equias as important. “Automated confirmation matching and regulatory reporting services are being supplemented by Equias’ settlement matching which about one third of the market has already adopted,” he said. “Igloo is fully integrated to Equias via the back end of the solution. Older, legacy ETRM applications are no longer fit for purpose especially for short-term… continue reading

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