Inatech Adds New Products Around Fuel Regs and Digitization

Much to our mutual surprise, it had been a year since I had last spoken with Rowena Bataille, Head of Marketing & Product Design at Inatech, and so there was actually a lot of news to discuss. Inatech, a global provider of cloud ETRM and fuel management software for the physical oil trading and marine industries, and a Glencore company markets a number of products for oil trading, bunkering, and shipping. These include two new products – SmartTrader and TechOil wholesale and Rack Marketing – both of which we discussed. Inatech has recently announced an arrangement to use Platts pricing in SmartTrader, a pre-deal analysis and decision support platform that leverages bunker alerts and pricing data from S&P Global Platts and is designed to help optimize fuel procurement. “With the new IMO 2020 regulation, we are seeing one of the biggest changes in oil market history through the reduction in permitted levels of sulfur from 3.5% currently to 0.5% as of January 1, 2020. It means that shipping companies are suddenly confronted with new demands on their fuel purchasing processes. In order to minimize running costs while ensuring compliance in the face of tough penalties, shipping companies are re-thinking the management systems… continue reading
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