E/CTRM State of Play 2015/2016

At this time of the year, I tend to spend a bit of time preparing for the new year. This year, that has taken the form of updating our master list of vendors in the E/CTRM and related areas. For someone who has literally spent the last 16-years in the ETRM and CTRM software industry in one role or another, it makes for some fascinating reading. The count of vendors stands at 88 as of today. There hasn’t been any real consolidation in terms of numbers despite the M&A activity over that time. Quite the reverse in fact. There are more vendors and products now than ever before. It’s also intriguing to look at how those numbers break out amongst the commodity groups of energy, ags and softs and metals. Of course, several vendors offer multiple solutions or all encompassing solutions that include all or two of the commodity groups but, according to my spreadsheet there are 55 vendors offering solutions in energy, 35 offering solutions aimed at ags and softs and just 13 targeting metals. These numbers approximate the relative market sizes of these segments too. Some 20 of the vendors fall into the ‘risk – focused’ category as … continue reading

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