Intraday Solutions – A new subclass of ETRM

For many years, the German-speaking markets for power and gas from a vendor point of view anyway, seemed opaque. ComTech knew of a number of German-speaking vendors serving the ETRM and associated software markets but not much more. A visit to E-World each winter only fueled our suspicions of a market within a market that was inaccessible to non-German speakers. Attempts to make contacts, forge connections and learn about the offerings on the market were foiled by the language barrier as booths offered only German language collateral and staff who did not speak English. Then, suddenly everything changed. Over the last 2-3 years, we have had the opportunity to get briefings from a number of these vendors including, for example Visotech, Procom, Kisters, and Soptim. Suddenly, many of these vendors have English-speaking staff and collateral – even websites in English and they are more visible outside of their traditional German-speaking markets. Now, part of that is probably simply natural evolution of these businesses and solutions as they seek new pastures for their software and services. Partly, it may be down to an increasing amount of incursion into their traditional markets by vendors from North America and other parts of Europe.… continue reading
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