Invensoft Goes Mobile and Cloud

Invensoft Technologies, an IT company providing Commodity Management software solutions for businesses in agricultural commodities, metals, minerals and concentrates, have been around since 2000 and currently have clients in Asia, Africa and Latin America including Fortune 500 companies. The last time, I had spoken with Invensoft in any detail was at the last CTRM Conference a few years ago. But I had a conversation with Prasad Raju, founder and MD, a week or so ago to catch up. For those who are unfamiliar with the company, it offers a Commodity Management platform called Invensoft-XBS that includes functionality in commodity management (Invensoft-XBS CM), 3rd party warehousing & 3rd party logistics Invensoft-XBS CW3PL) and commodity trade risk management (Invensoft-XBS CTRM). Prasad told me that 2019 had been a great year for the company both in terms of innovations and customer acquisitions. Back in January last year, Invensoft released a cloud version of their solution called XBSCloud ( and released the latest version of their software platform in May 2019 with support for mobile devices, intelligent traceability supported by QR code, pick up, put in and provisioning features, I was informed. Invensoft also increased its customer base in 2019. It’s success were largely… continue reading
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