ION Aspect Generating Significant Sales Across the Industry

Recently, I had a demonstration of Aspect by ION. Aspect has apparently been selling extremely well across an array of commodities including oil, metals, concentrates, ores, and so on, and I wanted to see why. Sources had told me that Aspect had sold in double figures in 2022 and, in just a single month in 2023, it had been sold 6 times. I hadn’t seen a demonstration of Aspect in several years dating back to prior to its acquisition by ION, but I was surprised by how far it has come since then. Aspect is now a solution that can handle many of the detailed complexities of things like concentrates and ores, while offering an improved and intuitive UI, extensive reporting and, of course, scripting for basic, as well as advanced, customization. I can well see why this solution is doing well on the market right now, particularly as it is a SaaS cloud-based solution. One of the key selling points is undoubtedly that everything in the solution is ‘live’ including P&L, cashflow, VaR and other measures of exposure. It has standardized and customizable workflow, covers an extensive array of different transportation modes. ION has expanded Aspect’s commodity coverage from… continue reading

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