ION Investment Group and Aspect Enterprise Solutions – What’s The Deal?

Last week, we had a conversation with Aspect Enterprise Solutions (Aspect) CEO, Steve Hughes and SVP of Marketing, Brigette Gebhard, with the main topic of conversation being the recently announced acquisition of Aspect by ION. Aspect has bucked a general market downturn and has been one of the CTRM success stories in recent months and years, benefitting from the trend towards greater adoption of CTRM in the cloud and the need to reduce IT costs. In fact, Ms. Gebhard provided us with a long list of new signings and expansions over the last quarter or two to emphasize just how well their sales team is doing. Many of these deals were described as ‘good-sized’ with well-known names in the industry, with a few of those deals that could rightly be termed of “significant size”. Ms. Gebhard noted that they see no sluggishness in their markets and have a record sales pipeline on tap for Q4. She indicated that 3 or 4 of the new deals had closed in the last 3 weeks alone and the company was routinely competing with the largest 2-3 vendors in the market – and winning more than their fair share. Adding to their success stories,
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