iRely Sees Technology Increasing in Importance as a Buying Criteria

The CTRM and Commodity Management (CM) marketplace seems to be quite active at the moment, and iRely is also very busy with a lot of possible deals, RFP responses, and implementations of recent wins, Sanjit Paul told me last week. “Mid to large companies appear to be ramping up their digitalization efforts in a very systematic way and putting budgets together with a focus on revamping their current technologies whether in-house or commercially provided,” he told me. “They want technology that helps them collaborate globally – both internally and with partners and suppliers.” Sanjit also sees a trend towards a more homogeneous set of solutions from fewer suppliers. “It’s become costly to have multiple solutions and suppliers, and we see a move towards looking for unified solutions.” To Sanjit, this means looking for solutions that “come with integrated BI, document management and accounting, among other functions.” In a way, ComTech sees a similar trend in that users are increasingly interested in better managing and optimizing the entire physical supply chain, so we see a movement towards Commodity Management (CM). By increasing collaboration along the supply chain between different departments and suppliers and automating business processes through workflow, document management, and… continue reading

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