Is E/CTRM Software Procurement on the Rise?

The number of announcements from vendors regarding new sales of E/CTRM software have been few and far between through 2019 to date. In part, this reflects a stronger reluctance on the part of buyers to publicly ‘endorse’ vendors whose software they have procured and on the other, it also is a symptom of ION’s acquisition spree over the last year or so as entities like OpenLink, Aspect and Allegro did make several announcements per year of new customer wins, but are possibly now silenced by ION’s apparent disdain for overt marketing? For example, having announced a win at E1 earlier in the year, Allegro has not announced a single deal since its acquisition. Announced deals so far this year do include announcements from vendors like Eka, Pioneer, Enuit, Amphora, Brady, InstaNext, Contigo and Fendahl, for example. In our position as analysts we receive regular briefings in which we do get a sense of deal flow both on and off the record. In recent months, it certainly seems as if most vendors are seeing a marked uptick in interest and potentially deals. In briefings from a whole range of vendors including SAP, Amphora, FIS, Igloo, Gen10, Satoshi, Contigo, Pioneer and many… continue reading
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