Is the Digital Nomad the Future CTRM Expert?

Periodically, I read articles about a new breed of independent workers who were fortunate enough to combine business with location and lifestyle called ‘digital nomads’. It wasn’t lost on me that this is an apt description of myself as all I need is an internet connection and I can work anywhere. I simply choose to stay in my current location! In talking with Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas Partners last week, however, this term came up in relation to commodities. “London is like a ghost town,” he told me. “Most people want to work from home like digital nomads. Things are changing.” The conversation that followed got me to thinking….. Back in the old days of CTRM, the large vendors had created an employment trail. Anyone with Endur or Allegro, for example, skills could become a contractor and find well paid work/ The large consulting firms would also hire, win projects around the larger products and their implementations, and feed staff into those projects. They could send fairly junior staff and have them trained on the customer’s nickel while still doing activities needed on that project. “The old model is breaking down.” Carl told me. The issue is that not only… continue reading

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