Likron Bullish and Looking to self-Trading Power Plants

Late last year, Likron was acquired by Volue AS after being in business independently for around 10-years. A pioneer and a market leader in short-term trading solutions, it and the former Visotech (acquired by Trayport) have essentially dominated the market for automated trading software solutions in Europe although competition has increased.  “We still lead the market,” Roland told me last week. “We have upped our game and although we do see more competition in the market, Likron is  still ahead.” The acquisition, says Roland Peetz, CEO of Likron, allows “the provision of full services and the end-to-end automation of power and gas trading. The aim is to implement self-trading power plants.” Some of the emerging competition naturally is coming from the ETRM software vendors but Roland cautions that they come at it from a different perspective. “They provide a connection to auctions and trade capture as well as some order placement.” He said. “Likron meanwhile provides tools to fully automate power and gas trading.” He told me about a new product Likron is rolling out called Navigator “that links the execution platform to the relevant business case and provides a better way to automate the trading process and better trader… continue reading

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