Loqsea Technology Set to Promote its Cloud-based platform for CTRM

Loqsea Technology Ltd got its start as so many software vendors do in commodity trading when an observant trader – Tomasz Rydzewski – noted that existing ETRM’s didn’t really provide the risk information that he needed so, he simply decided to build what he needed and did so in his spare time. The first usable prototype was implemented at the first client and word of mouth recommendations did the rest. As he points out, he was unhappy with off-the-shelf products capabilities and found them cumbersome and expensive. Building something lighter and more appropriate to the task at hand seemed the logical way to go and thus, Loqsea was born with a product optimized to the needs of the trader. That was around 5-years ago, and the vendor now has almost a dozen customers using the solution – all CTA’s and market makers. Loqsea describe the solution as a cloud-based platform for commodity trading and risk management however, it’s important to note that it is targeted at futures and options and is not a physical commodity trading system. It is also real-time and can be used alongside a physically oriented CTRM. Essentially, it is a front office trading and risk solution… continue reading

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