Many ‘Appy Returns!

It was my 60th birthday at the weekend. Most people I met said I didn’t look a day over fifty-nine and a half, so I guess that was positive. It really got me thinking about my earlier years of selling and the sort of products that are around these days and how they are managed – amongst a whole load of other things that are better kept to myself! In my first blog, I mentioned the lack of technological support that wasn’t around then but is readily available these days, so I won’t dwell on that too much. My second role in sales was with a subsidiary of a very large organization – although during my time there, it was subject to an MBO. When I joined that company as an infant (well 30-years old) there was a really old looking sales guy in the team. He was actually 50. I remember thinking that there was no way on this planet that I would be doing THAT job at 50 (I presumed I wouldn’t be around at all at 60!!) In those days, though, as well as salary and commission, there were the additional benefits of occasional fun nights out
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