Market Dislocations and the CTRM Software Category

In our book (published over a decade ago and now mostly well out of date) and many different papers and blogs over the years, Patrick and I have talked about the evolution of C/ETRM software in terms of technology adoption curves and market dislocations. Some of you might be familiar with our model? The general idea is that the technology adoption curve for E/CTRM software keeps on getting ‘dislocated’ by sudden and disruptive changes in the industry -such as for example, the Enron and merchant collapse, the introduction of many regulations, deregulation of markets, emergence of cloud, and many other events either globally, regionally, across all commodities of commodity-specific. The model helps us explain the overall behavior of the CTRM/CM software category. It is based on the idea of the technology adoption curve as below. Innovators and early adopters are willing to take a risk on new or emerging technologies. Then, after a period of time, that technology may or may not ‘cross the chasm’ and the early majority start to invest in it. after a good while, the laggards follow.       However, CTRM/CM isn’t really one market at all but multiple markets – commodity-specific, multi-commodity, regional, industry… continue reading

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