Market Sweeps

If you are looking for a CTRM solution then ComTech can help. As the leading analysts in the space with almost 30-years in the CTRM space per partner, and the definitive book on the topic, why not contact us and ask how we can help? While we do not do selections as such, we do provide the Sourcebook as a free tool (you can download it entirely free here) and, we offer a service called a market sweep that helps top reduce your selection risks and costs. We have performed market risks for many companies in the space and helped them put together a targeted short list for the next step. Our market sweep approach is based around ensuring that you consider all possible options in your search – from household names to obscurer start ups and regional vendors you may never have heard of. We then work with you to understand the major functional and other requirements. We use this to rank the vendor products along with some additional criteria about the vendor. The result delivered as a Power Point report is a comprehensive dive into the vendor space highlighting all possible potential solutions and narrowing that down to… continue reading

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