Mixed Signals?

With so many strands of activity and so many changes taking place in commodity technology markets, trying to spot and understand trends is akin to reading tea leafs at times. However, in recent weeks, conversations with various people in the industry seems to be suggesting that at least here in Europe, a picture is now emerging. I spoke to and reported recently on Contigo seeing an uptick in activity in the power side of things with a large cloud component to that and just this week, I spoke to an ags and softs CTRM vendor who told me activity had really picked up since August with RFP’s on the street in commodities like Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar and even Grains. While nothing had yet resulted in a contract, these did appear to be processes that would complete in a selection and implementation. This morning I spoke to Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas Partners. It’s been a while since I had discussed employment trends with Carl but I always find these insightful and another way to look at the market. Carl pointed out that many end user companies right now are focusing on getting things like data management, compliance and security, and technology
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