More Than Forward Curves….

Forward price curves are a necessity for firms that trade commodities. While some firms use an aggregation service others still assemble prices themselves from a variety of sources. However, as power and gas trading has increasingly become faster and closer to real-time, the need for reliable price information in near real-time has also increased. Furthermore, with increased oversight and scrutiny, ensuring correct and auditable price data has become critical. One provider of price aggregation and data management is Enverus. Enverus provides both price aggregation and data management as well as visualization of that and other market data via its MarketView software and Ms. Wendi Orlando, VP of trading & risk for Enverus “believes that it has achieved true differentiation by integrating curve building with its flagship MarketView data visualization tool.  Clients can now compare their forward curves to industry standard benchmarks.” “The single most important value proposition for our clients is a “single source of the truth” for all Trading & Risk data.  Therefore, we allow all types of data to be stored, managed and visualized in our solution.  The easy ingestion and visualization of market data, client proprietary data and fundamental data is key for a complete solution,” she… continue reading
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