Natural Gas CTRM starting to show strength

I recently caught up with John Decker, Enuit’s sales director for the Americas.  According to Mr. Decker, Enuit is seeing strong sales activities across multiple categories of commodities and, in particular, increasing inbound interest in natural gas solutions from the US, Canada, and Latin America, where the liberalization of gas markets continues to evolve. This bit of insight from Enuit (and a few other vendors) is pleasantly surprising for us at ComTech as we have seen the market for new natural gas focused CTRM solutions (despite it being one of the largest commodity categories for these types of products) lagging many others over the last 12-18 months, particularly in the US. Mr. Decker believes the interest that they are seeing is in part driven by a lingering hangover from Covid, in that many companies have been relying on in-house developed solutions and are just now going back out to the market to update their software capabilities. He’s also seeing interest in gas and other commodities from companies that are growing dissatisfied with competitors’ systems, particularly those provided by the largest vendors. He noted in that in North America, “A lot of these systems from the largest vendors are aging and… continue reading

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