New Additions – Welcome Irina!

I’d like to welcome Irina Reitgruber to ComTech and CTRMCenter as an affiliate analyst. Over the next week or so, she will be writing blog articles outlining her area of focus and intent. We have worked with Irina for many years when she was our client at a major ETRM vendor and we know that she has a track record of experience, knowledge and achievement. While her area of focus will be different – looking at the energy transition and software in the area of VPPs, DERMs and so on, it is also intimately related to the future of energy and commodity trading and risk management and she will be providing of her considerable expertise in the ETRM side as well. She brings a new dimension to ComTech and CTRMCenter that is founded on a deep understanding of our traditional coverage. Please do reach out and engage with her in the coming weeks and months…..

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