New UI for Trinity and Fintrade as Quor Polishes its Metals Software Assets

Quor, now headed by CEO Steve Hughes, is working steadily on its product set. Having basically integrated Aquarius concentrates and raw materials functionality into Fintrade, that is now represented by Trinity and Fintrade. According to Chief Business architect, Harry Knott, that has meant building a new User Interface across both products that presents a consistent tech stack and look and feel. If you use one or both software products, the UI will essentially be the same and consistent. Additionally, it has also been hard at work creating API’s to allow users to surface data from both systems more easily, and using the same API standards he told me. It is Trinity that essentially gave Brady PLC its perceived market leader slot for so many years in both base and precious metals and it is indeed a deep, functionally rich, and proven product with an extensive user base.  Fintrade is a comprehensive commodity management solution that covers ags, softs and metals. Together, they represent a great deal of functionality, work, and content. They are aging however and by creating a new, modern, and comprehensive, consistent UI for both, Quor is undertaking the modernization of these veteran software products. Steve Hughes was… continue reading

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