Newly Private Brady Thrives

Recently Brady announced a major new customer in the form of BASF Catalysts which selected Brady’s Trinity™ solution for metals financial trading and risk management. The solution will be deployed by BASF Catalysts in Japan, China, UK and North America, according to the press announcement. According to Debbi Bavin, Head of Marketing for Brady, part of the reason for choosing Trinity was that it was a proven and tested platform and the leading solution for metals. This was echoed by Amanda Dunne, Director of Finance & Operations, Precious & Base Metal Services at BASF who said, “being able to navigate through market volatility to procure precious metals at the optimal price is essential for our business. It is very important for us to partner with a vendor that understood the nuances of the metals trading market. We were impressed with the wealth of industry knowledge demonstrated by Brady’s team, the ability of the system to meet the requirements of trading, operations, risk and compliance and the specifics of precious metals trading.” Debbi told us that Brady is also seeing an increase in business activity on the sales side, “We have received a greater number of sales enquiries this quarter compared… continue reading

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