OpenLink is moving rapidly to the Cloud

I attended OpenLink’s 2016 Global Summit last week in New York City and had the privilege to visit with a number of the OpenLink’s customers and executives as the company unveiled their new cloud strategy.  Though OpenLink has not yet publicly released their cloud solutions (and I can’t disclose many of the details that were provided in confidential briefings), it’s clear that they are heavily invested in (and well down the road to delivering) new cloud capabilities beyond hosted software or a “simple” conversion their existing products to run effectively in the cloud. In my conversations with OpenLink’s senior leadership, the clear message is that they are going to provide their customers and prospects with a complete cloud infrastructure.  The solutions within this infrastructure will leverage not only their current products, but also add a number of componentized capabilities – including some that are CTRM vendor-agnostic and will extend their market reach beyond their current clients & prospects. I understand they will release additional information about these new capabilities over the next few months. OpenLink notes in today’s press release that they have been developing this strategy and the underlying technologies for about a year, and have worked closely with
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