An ETRM vendor you may not know – EMK3

As you may know, at ComTech we track more than 80 vendors of ETRM / CTRM technology around the globe.  While many are well-known names in the industry, those serving the top global commodity traders, there are a number that have established themselves in a niche and have, for a number of reasons, remained there despite being in business for 10 or more years.  One such company is Dallas-based EMK3, who despite having an enviable list of mid and large-sized E&P and midstream customers, is probably an unfamiliar name to most outside of the US producer and midstream markets. I meet with Terry Coulter, EMK3’s VP of biz dev and sales, and director of sales, Alex Montez, this afternoon to catch-up with the company and the market. As noted by Terry, in the more than a decade that they’ve been in business, they have forged a very nice business by maintaining a laser focus on their chosen markets (marketing, transportation, and midstream operations for exploration and production companies, marketers, first purchasers, gathering and pipeline operators, and gas plant operators), and have avoided the lure of what might be transient opportunities outside of that core business. For example, Terry notes that … continue reading

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