CTRM Announced Deal Data 2015 – Analysis

Knowing that only a few E/CTRM software license deals ever get publicized, analysis of disclosed licensing data might well be an exercise in futility. Nonetheless, the analyst in me finds it to be of interest. Yesterday, I updated the announced deal data that ComTech maintains and spotted several trends worthy of comment. We are reviewing market size and development, and announced deal data is one piece of data that we use in that analysis. Firstly, we found around 50 announced deals in the 12-months to February 2016. This doesn’t include those summary announcements in which vendors say they did xx deals in the past 12-months – only named companies taking software. In of itself, this is interesting information for if this is the tip of an undisclosed iceberg, then the E/CTRM market, at least in terms of deals, had a healthy year in 2015. License deals of various types (cloud, traditional etc.) that we saw and included in this analysis were announced by the following vendors – Agiboo, Allegro, Aspect, Brady, Dycotrade, Eka,EMK3, Ensight, Generation 10, Murex, Openlink, Pioneer, Powel, Sungard and Utilidex. Around 60% of the announced deals were European, just over 20% in North America and 17% in

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