Here’s a tip for you – Don’t leave your bag in a London Black Cab

Gary, Andrew (our web guru) and I spent last week in London for our annual planning session; and to visit a few customers/partners and attend the annual CommoditiesNow awards event.  One of our appointments was in Fulham, southwest of London early in the day last Thursday.  As is our habit, we hailed a black cab on the street near our hotel and headed-off.  Our driver, a very pleasant woman (a rarity in my experience – though most cabbies are pleasant, few are women), managed well in the dense traffic of central London and fought the brave fight to get us to our destination in a reasonable amount of time despite the difficult roads.  After enduring about 30 minutes of starts and stops, potholes and road bumps, all three of us were ready to jump out of the car, but especially Gary who was relegated to the uncomfortable jump seat in the back of the cab.  Nonetheless, we stuck it out and arrived after about 45 minutes of total travel. As the driver stopped and the door lock clicked, Gary immediately jumped out and Andrew followed. I slipped an appropriate amount of cash through the slot in the glass that separated … continue reading

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