Hijacked – The Increasing Threat of Social Media

Some of you are probably wondering what am I posting this on CTRMCenter for? what has it got to do with CTRM software or commodities? Well, actually it has a direct relationship with commodities, but perhaps more importantly, to the way politics and pressure groups now operate in our and other industries. Let’s take Bees. If you have a Facebook account you have no doubt been invited to sign petitions by well meaning and indignant people to stop their elected politicians from allowing neonicotiniods – a group of modern pesticides, from being made legal again. The reason is that these pesticides are directly responsible for masses of bee deaths and threaten the very existence of bees altogether. This call has been picked up also by newspapers and magazines who have taken the lead or prompting of pressure groups and well meaning but nonetheless inexpert people to react. Rather than researching the basis for these claims, these newspaper run equally lurid and frightening articles citing proven scientific research and so on. Suddenly, hundreds and thousands of people are lifting phones and signing petitions to complain to their political representatives. On Facebook, some of the hysteria verges on pure hatred of certain … continue reading

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