Just Exactly What Does Climate Denier Mean?

If there is one thing that really gets up my nose it is the smug and throw away comment ‘Climate Change Denier’ once again used by President Obama. It’s easy to insult and throw names around and I know that is what politicians engage in, but what exactly does climate change denier mean? I think he is talking about me, but I really need to find out for sure. You see I do not deny climate change at all. I never have. I never will and unlike Mr. Obama who only recently discovered the phrase, I wrote a PhD (in part) on climate change in 1984. You see, those of us that actually research and conduct science as opposed to throw around insulting names and political wise cracks, know that the Earth is not a dead planet. Far from it. It is a vibrant living planet and its climate changes continually and naturally and has done for billions of years. It’s in the geological record for those who care to look. Not only that but believe or not sea-level is rather volatile too. A living planet needs CO2 in its atmosphere because its what plants breath and in return they … continue reading

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