Three CTRM Trends for 2016

As we commence a new year, commodity prices remain largely depressed and trading profits hard to find. The pundits sentiment seems to be sided with increased commodity prices through 2016 and the oil price has responded to mid east tensions as one might expect. The regulatory machine in Europe continues to roll pushing aside all objections whether well founded or not. So what trends might we expect to see in 2016 in CTRM? 1. Cloud, cloud and cloud Towards the end of last year ComTech was watching with interest as CTRM in the cloud picked up with many more vendors offering true cloud solutions and as a direct result of the lower cost of entry of cloud-based solutions. 2016 will certainly continue this trend as buyers seek lower entry costs, faster deployments and a way to reduce IT costs. The trend will be something that we expect to see more of in the mid- and bottom- tiers of the industry in particular. After all, cloud-based solutions are now the norm, widely deployed in banks and other industries – why not commodity trading? The value proposition is increasingly compelling in this environment. 2. Smaller vendors take more market share A small

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