Partnerships, Collaboration And CTRM

In recent weeks a number of new partnerships and collaborations have been informally announced via vendor blogs and social media. Recently, CTRMCubed announced its partnership with Enegen and Equias. CTRMCubed has dubbed its partnering program its CTRM ecosystem partners and has promoted the concept of an ‘app store‘ since inception.  In turn, Enegen works extensively with its own partner network where its ATOM application connects to ETRM systems, control systems, market prices and industry flows, allowing CTRMCubed to be a part of a larger ecosystem that includes Enegen’s Genstar4 as well. Similarly with Equias, CTRMCubed’s TradeCube supports simple, automated, straight-through electronic confirmation matching, regulatory reporting, and settlement matching via the Equias electronic Back Office. Meanwhile, Agiboo announced a partnership with Tradesparent recently as well. “Tradesparent is a Software and Data Engineering company providing a data consolidation and service platform for risk & performance management, planning & analytical processes. It arises from a need for transparency in organizations actively trading and processing commodities. Through an integrated data solution, it aspires for companies to unlock the full potential of their data by bringing simplicity, consistency and transparency to daily financial and physical operations. They do so most notably in the Food &… continue reading

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