Project Evolution – Quor’s strategy For Success

Last week, I was treated to an update from Saeed Patel, Chief Product & Technology Officer, and Harry Knot, Chief Business Architect, of Quor Group. “Quor had strong revenue growth in 2023 and continues to look to grow organically and via M&A through 2024,” Saeed told me. We are aware of Quor’s strategy to acquire under the leadership of CEO Steve Hughes and private equity fund investors – STG, but we hoped to find out more about Quor’s existing solutions and how those were to be evolved. Project evolution is the internal name for that effort, and this was the purpose of the briefing. Meanwhile, “Quor is looking to increase velocity on Project Evolution by adding surge capacity in Q2 2024,” Saeed told me. Project Evolution is tasked with creating an architecture that provides users with role-based, customizable, dashboard access to the data they need to perform their job effectively. The architecture based on service-based architecture includes a new UX/UI, API enablement, shared data platform and a real-time valuation engine. The focus is on innovation, I was told. The aim is to launch a substantive version of this by late summer 2024. The architecture would also allow both Trinity and… continue reading

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