Project Tracking Wind Power in Texas — Pick the Winners

Where are these Texas wind turbines everyone is talking about that keep the ERCOT power grid going? Who owns these wind farms in Texas? How much power is generated by these assets in the state of Texas today? We can answer all these questions and more in Enverus Power & Renewables’ latest tool for renewable energy developers, investors and market analysts — Project Tracking Analytics. Before we delve into Texas and the market dynamics at play, let’s start by clarifying how our new platform works. With Enverus’ Prism platform, it is now possible to view traditional energies data sets such as well data, permits and activity analytics, alongside the various Foundations | Power & Renewables data. With the correct Power & Renewables permissions, users can filter power plants, power production data, substation and transmission data.   The wind power boom in Texas and growing solar capacity add-ons To start our use case of Texas wind power plants and renewable project tracking analytics, we will begin by showing project capacity by the mix of the different energy sources that have come online. Figure 1 | Texas power plants and the changing mix of generation fuels powering ERCOT’s grid. Historically, coal and… continue reading

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