RadarRadar sees growth opportunities in energy

Risk management is crucial in the energy and commodity sectors due to numerous factors such as geopolitical tensions threatening supply routes and contributing to price volatility or regulatory pressure encouraging companies to invest more in risk management. Additionally, the energy transition is prompting jurisdictions to open markets to new participants, new asset and deal types are emerging. Those assets must be modeled and valued leading many energy companies to supplement their legacy ETRM systems with additional software tailored to their evolving needs. For risk managers, multiple trade management systems can create a challenging environment where master data, trade and market data need to be consolidated to provide reliable risk numbers. Given the significance of risk management, the diverse landscape of tools employed by market participants, new opportunities are emerging for external risk systems. Companies seek not solely for sophisticated valuation models, but they are increasingly focused on ensuring clean and consistent input data and transparent results.  As Alvaro Mariani, senior risk manager from RadarRadar pointed out in our recent discussion “Companies are looking for clean and consistent data inputs and results that can be fully understood and trust”.  While most customers are satisfied with market-standard valuation methods, challenges arise from… continue reading

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