Redditors, Robinhood, Google and CTRM

Recently, I wrote an article about the Redditors, Robinhood, and the impact on commodity firms. I also participated in a Commodities People webinar on the same topic. My thinking was that this new trend of retail investors driven by Reddit groups and social media would have a limited direct impact on commodities outside of perhaps a bit of added volatility from time-to-time as we saw in Silver – and who knows if it really was the retail investors as rumors soon circulated of hedge funds being behind the silver push using the Redditors as cover….. The other area I saw some possible impact was in the area of taking trade signals from social media tools and software. Something we saw a lot of promotion of a few years ago but didn’t seem to take off in a big way in commodities. However, recently we saw a new impact of this activity. The activities of the retail inventors led by social media and utilizing platforms like Robinhood have had an unexpected impact on CTRM after all. When the Redditors identified a small company for its focused activity with the stock symbol ‘CTRM’, Google also picked up on the sudden extra interest… continue reading

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