Reuters’ Plan Commoties Trading USA

Once again we have partnered with Reuters events to do a bit of joint promotion work and this time it is around the Commodities Trading USA 2022 event that will take place June 7-8th in Houston. As Reuters Events says, “the acceleration of the energy transition, the rise of alternative lenders and the disruption to global supply chains is rewriting the rules of commodities trading.  Reuters Events: Commodities Trading USA 2022 (June 7-8, Houston) will unite 250+ industry leaders incl. trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers, and policy makers to keep pace with these seismic shifts and remain profitable in this volatile commodities market.” Given current events, one can expect the conference to be a center of news, insights and opinion into current energy trends. The conference will be delivered through 4 related themes, The Impact of The Energy Transition: Realign sourcing, update supply-chain practices and explore investment strategies to meet demands for sustainability and transparency whilst keeping a competitive edge The Digitalization of Trading: Adopt cutting-edge Blockchain and AI risk management technology to maximize supply chain efficiency and agility of trade. Financing – The Rise of Alternative Lenders: Leverage increased investment liquidity and advance your awareness of fraud prevention technologies… continue reading

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