Revolutionary spirit of software vendors for energy transition at ENLIT

I recently attended ENLIT in Paris, and it was truly an exhilarating experience! The event gathered numerous innovative companies with smart ideas, demonstrating a revolutionary spirit driving the energy transition. Capturing the essence of this spirit is challenging, but I will try to convey some messages. When discussing the future of clean energy systems, the pivotal term is flexibility. Both supply and demand-side flexibility are essential for ensuring the reliability of renewable-based energy systems. The expected exponential surge in electricity demand across sectors like mobility and heating will strain the grid. Mere expansion of renewable production sites is insufficient in terms of production flexibility. Vital topics include the decarbonization of thermal assets, projects enhancing nuclear power safety, research on nuclear waste utilization, and advancements in industrial batteries. Consumers play a crucial role in contributing to flexibility. By consuming electricity in a flexible manner, households and industries gain control over managing their peak consumption. However, challenges such as the lack of infrastructure for unlocking necessary data, insufficient price incentives for consumers, and a scarcity of devices enabling automated management based on external signals, hinder progress. Turning to the software segment of the fair, a diverse array of companies supports the energy… continue reading

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