SaaS and Services – Are Services About to Take Off?

As software as a service grows in popularity in energy and commodity trading and risk management, will other services also take off? For many years, GMSL basically ran a profitable business based on providing a variety of scheduling and logistics services in UK and European gas and power markets but beyond that, it was actually quite hard to find businesses that provided discrete services into the more technical side of trading and risk. Yes, there were and are data aggregators providing data as a service and there was a push by the large systems integrators in to business process outsourcing that form here anyway, probably didn’t take off quite as well as was hoped. BPO, for us, includes a transfer of staff from one payroll to another and is usually about cost reduction whereas, providing sophisticated technical services – often based on a software platform – is more about things like staying focused in the business, ensuring weekend and out of hours coverage, and optimizing processes – as well as cost reduction. However, in the last couple of years and especially since SaaS grew in popularity and availability, we have seen signs of the services sector taking off. Enter Energy… continue reading

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