Six Reasons to Attend the 2016 CTRMConference

The 2016 CTRM Conference is the event for those considering replacing, upgrading or acquiring a new Commodity/Energy Trading Risk Management System over the next two years; and for those whose job is dependent upon remaining abreast of the latest developments around these critical technologies. Attendees at this event will hear from, and have the opportunity to interact with, their peers across multiple industries and markets, including technology consultants and solution providers – providing a wealth of expertise and insight into system selection and upgrades, future technologies, and commodity market developments. Here are 6 great reasons to be at this year’s event: Network – Reconnect – and make new connections – with your industry peers and with software vendors and service providers who specialize in E/CTRM and associated software. Share CTRM Experiences – Learn from your peers and industry as they share insights and lessons learned from their experiences in CTRM selection, implementation and integration; share E/CTRM software and implementation ideas, experiences and learn throughout the day. Learn the Future of CTRM – Learn how CTRM software is set to evolve and what progress is being made to address your emerging needs and those of the industry in general. Is the
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