Skarvi Systems Targets Oil Company ETRM Space

In the CTRM software space, there are always new entrants. I got introduced to a recent new entrant recently in the form of London-based Skarvi Systems and its CEO, Ramanathan Ravi. Ramanathan’s story is a familiar one to me. He is a veteran of the oil industry and trading, and yet in 2018 he discovered talking with colleagues from over 25 other oil trading companies at IP Week that “none of them had the tools to remotely monitor the impact of market movements on Physical and Paper Open Positions. Not a single one!” This, he says, forced him to do some research and what he discovered showed him that there was an opportunity for new software in the space. “I discovered that whichever software companies were using, it only ever did around 50% of what they needed it to do,” he told me. “Everything else was done in Excel.” Further research on his part led him to the conclusion that “the upfront perception of ETRM solutions is often dramatically different to the actuality and that many have incredibly long and expensive implementations that demanded the participation of key staff. The oil industry is just too complex and  unless you know… continue reading

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