Solving Risk Reporting Issues in Heterogeneous CTRM Environments

I had a fascinating call with TRADESPARENT last Friday. TRADESPARENT provides a platform-independent Risk Management Solution for commodity traders & processors that supports the analysis of commodity-related risk, margins and performance primarily in the ags and softs space. Norbert Verhagen (Managing Director) told me that it too is seeing an uptick in activity and that led us into a long discussion about the virtues of an cross-platform risk platform versus relying on CTRM solutions or spreadsheets. As Mr. Verhagen pointed out, ags and softs traders often have a highly complex IT landscape with multiple CTRM solutions installed. Getting a current and trustworthy view of consolidated risk is hard. “Risk department staff spend up to 50% of their time just getting and verifying data as opposed to analyzing it,” he told me. Even then, there are questions regarding its accuracy and timeliness so that consolidated position information is often questioned. Of course, this is where TRADESPARENT’s value proposition is in that TRADESPARENT can overlay any number of external trade and position data sources including CTRMs, spreadsheets and any external source and provide risk dashboards to give insights into consolidated data”. According to Mr. Verhagen, this can be done for the largest
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